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we are atrahasys

a european private equity investor accelerating the transformation of companies’ DNA through AI and ESG

investing with wisdom with conviction with purpose with principles in time in team in trust

~ wisdom

The old tale inspires a new world of actions

Atrahasis is the main character of a Mesopotamian legend which values wisdom, adaptability and offers ingenious solutions for the benefit of humans.

~ conviction

The AI-volution is coming

ESG and AI will merge and a successful new generation of business models will prevail – atrahasys is at the vanguard of this evolution.

~ purpose

ESG and AI must intertwine

ESG must be the conscience of AI.
AI will be the engine for ESG.

~ principles

Dare to evolve with RISMATICTM

RISMATICTM is our guide for organisations to transform their DNA and reinvent themselves with ESG and AI at their core.

~ trust

We are a seasoned team of doers

We are proven top quartile PE investors and experts in both AI and ESG, propelling companies through the changes to come.
We promote growth with love, trust and respect for people and planet.

~ time

We partner for the long term

Because sustainability is not just a word, and true transformation does not happen overnight.

we are atrahasys investment

invest in team
invest in time

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